Sunday, August 19, 2007


Memories are funny things aren't they?...often showing up uninvited and even more often failing to show up when most wanted!
Crazy, the way a phrase, a tune, a picture, a place, a smell and just about anything that might affect any of our senses might suddenly bring back a train of thoughts relating to the past - actually at times it brings back only a memory is a bit weak.
Aren't we all losers? Don't we all, every now and then slip into this phase...often wantingly...replenishing lost memories. Mind you, our mind plays tricks too. It adds it's own masala to memories at times - for eg. maybe you are having pizza at Dominos and suddenly you get reminded of the time when your mom had made a pizza for you...and you remember your mom's culinary skills...and suddenly feel this wave of love for her - all this is fine but for the fact that your mom had actually made a big burger, it wasn't pizza at are getting me?
Anyways, masala or no masala, memories still do capture our attention. Memories of our first love for instance. They say people never forget their first love. It's kinda funny coz it implies that everyone's first love usually ends up in a memory and nothing more...anyways, more on that sometime else. My point here is that people actually don't have an attachment to the person who was their first love as such - it's just that we remember the feeling. First love conventionally happens at an early age (this is not true for everyone...I know of people who fell in love for the first time only after they retired coz they didn't find time before that) and love brings forth a completely new set of emotions. Emotions which are equally tender and strong at the same time. Now all these emotions basically get directed to this one person (the one who would be on the way to becoming only your memory in future) and thus this idiot manages to stick to your memories of those feelings for a long time. It's the discovery of the emotion called love which is actually remembered though we are foolish enough to always link it to the discovery of this idiot.

Anyways, next time you remember something, make sure you also remember what I told you about remembering things and how they might not be what you think they are.

If in doubt about how to interpret your memory or if a certain memory is haunting you and you would want me to help you get rid of it, I am available. There aren't many things that a loser has...but hey, he has time!

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