Tuesday, February 13, 2007

L's V-day

L1: Hey what plans for today bro?

L2: The usual maan...nothing

L3: C'mon guys what's wrong with you folks...

L1&L2: Oooooo, looks like someone's got plans!

L3: Tch, tch...u guys just don't undestand!

L1: What?

L3: I did some research...this Valentine guy was no dude, he was a saint...Saint Valentine. Stop thinking about gals. We should light candles in front of this great man's pic and meditate on love...universal love, platonic love, love for the entire mankind...we need to transform our basic instincts to something much higher

L2: WOW man...that's profound

L1: Oh great guru, tell us more about it...

L3: Saint Valentine was a martyr.....Crap man, what am i saying...when is the party???

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