Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Earlier they used to say "work hard" and now they say "work smart". Let me tell you this, times have changed again. Now the mantra is simply "smart!" So basically you needn't work as long as you are smart enough to know how to get things done without working. I have been watching people, observing them and thinking about them. People who are doing very well for themselves aren't working, they are simply talking. But hey! They sure do know how to talk crap endlessly, how to postpone things endlessly, how to survive and grow and prosper without working. I tell you it's a skill. You must be really dumb to think that these people don't have any talent. Infact they actually have what it takes - the ability to bluff.

Losers actually have an edge in this. Their inner being resists any kind of work in a very natural way. As such they are not really cut out for hard work. They can talk a lot of crap too, though not too good at lying. Fooling people is a tad bit tough. I mean I can tell a gal," Hey you look really charming", but then what gives it away is the fact that I am not even looking at her....you know, simple mistakes like these make it difficult to bluff. Anyways, the good news is that the world is becoming a work free zone and if only we can be a lil bit careful of our shortcomings, I think we can have a blast.

The world has typically been segregated into blue collared and white collared workers. In order to make a statement that the age of any kind of worker is over, I have been wearing round neck (aka collarless) casuals very often. You could say this falls under the catergory of "symbolic statements" that I make but no one notices. A better way of looking at it would be to think that I bluffed them into not noticing!

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