Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Loser Rhymes

Had written this poem in a somewhat philosophical mood but then it does capture the loser's spirit in the first four lines itself ;) worth sharing over here!

Let some dreams be such

that can never materialize,

It's like running for joy alone

and not hoping to win a prize;

Let us stay thirsty for a while,

just staring away at the clear blue nile;

For once let's give without any restraint,

just to know how it feels to be a saint;

Let me and u perform a deed so true,

that ur greatest enemy falls in love with u;

Just for once lets try to live apart,

to feel the pain of a broken heart;

Let our hopes for once be so insane,

as to hope the clear blue sky shall rain;

Let us for once live without any fears,

and meet our ends with cheers not tears!

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