Monday, September 14, 2009

Beer and Brandy

It's not very usual to find a beer drinker who drinks brandy. Infact the other day I seemed to have offended a brandy drinker at the bar. I was drinking beer and not having much to talk about I was also making fun of his brandy. It's not that I don't drink brandy myself...but I certainly DO NOT drink brandy with hot water on a hot afternoon! I am appalled at the thought that such fundamental stuff is still not part of our lower KG syllabus - what's the education minister doing??

Anyways, the reason I thought I had to talk of these two drinks in the same breath (talking of breath reminds me, that no matter which one of them you had, your mom will immediately be able to smell you out and give you the dirty's don't differentiate between drinks...for them, it's all sharaab...and don't try giving her the 'doctor told me to drink brandy''ll do you no good), is because I actually ended up consuming a decent amount of absolutely chilled KF blue yesterday noon. Believe you me, I haven't stopped sneezing since this morning....damn! Hope people don't mistake the symptoms to mean swine flu!! Anyways, the point is, and this I am only telling you and I won't tell my mom for reasons stated previously, that I really need to take some brandy BS...seriously, I need it. It's not for the high mind you, I know you don't trust me and so I emphasize, it's not for the high (though I don't mind the high, but that's secondary)...purely for medicinal value.

Here's the bigger idea that you should keep in mind: Always have extremely chilled beer...almost frozen stuff...coz everytime you do this, you are also creating an opportunity to gulp down a lil hard liquor the next day for perfectly valid reasons...people say it should be brandy but hey...if you insist that whisky cures your cold faster than brandy ever will, well so be it. Cheers!

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