Thursday, July 31, 2008

Highway of Life

There's heavy traffic on the roads, heavier still on the net but heaviest on the highway that is life! At times I envy people who know their destination even before they hit the highway but most of us are travelers who don't know where we are going and where we want to land up. But hey, it's good fun at times.

It's actually fun till the time when one day you suddenly stop to think where the road leads to. That day it becomes less fun.

Think about it, you are traveling on this highway, enjoying the drive, whizzing past all the signs, hoardings etc. Then suddenly a thought comes to your mind, 'Dude where are you going?'. You slow down at that point in time - unsure about the answer.

Then you start thinking if you want to go to a hill station or probably a beach or maybe a remote village or maybe a bustling city. Then you watch out for the sign boards, then you stop by a person you see walking and ask, 'Dude, where does this road lead to?'. If you decide to go to a beach then you start thinking if you want to land up at the nearest beach or do you want to go to the beach where most people go on holiday or is it gonna be the lonely beach where you sit with a bottle (or crate) of beer and do some serious thinking! What have you achieved in life, what have your friends achieved, what do you want to achieve and what do you 'really' want to achieve! There, now you aren't simply out there, you are out there and going someplace.

I chose the lonely beach and the crate of beer. Whenever I think of resuming my journey, another thought comes to my mind which warns me not to drink and drive. So, I drink some more. As this goes on, the beach seems like home. Hmm...guess I have reached!!

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