Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The "L" incident

It was probably the fault of one loser that another loser got into a bit of a mess. The inappropriately high levels of waste fluids building up in his body demanded a quick exit and Loser, succumbing to the "pressure" did not take much notice of the sign-board outside the toilet. The loser guy who put up the sign was to be blamed for this. The sign read "L" and supposedly stood for "Ladies" (which was written in such small letters that even if a person was looking for it he may not have found it) while the other door had "G" for "Gents". In his haste to release his waste, loser interpreted "L" for "Loser" instead of "Ladies" and was pleasantly surprised at this special treatment being meted out to losers...a toilet specially catering to their untimely needs.

Anyways, when loser entered the loo (and L could have stood for Loo as well), he was stopped on his tracks by an elderly lady.

Lady: hey you, where do u think u are going?

Loser: am not going anywhere, I have reached

Lady: don't u dare try to be cheeky with me!

Loser: listen old lady, i don't know what u mean but i didn't come here to be cheeky...it's far more urgent

Lady: what the hell do u think u are doing in HERE?

Loser: now c'mon, i ain't doing nothing yet but if u keep questioning me like this then i might

Lady: who let u in here?

Loser: my need....and now old lady i think ur being cheeky...ur talking about "letting in" whereas u know very well that i have come here to "let out"

Lady: i urge u to leave this very second!

Loser: don't tell me about urges lady...u don't understand the ferocity or maybe velocity of my current urge!


Without waiting for any further debate, Loser charged inside one of the toilets whose door was being opened by the lady who was about to step out...but our Loser friend got in so bloody quick that the woman trying to step out was still inside when Loser stepped in and locked the door from inside. He opened the door after exactly a micro-second and one slap later as the lady walked out hurling abuses at him.

When Loser finally emerged from the loo, he was a much relieved man.

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