Monday, July 28, 2008

Loser Relationships

People who know me know my fascination for the word 'Loser'. It is actually a very generic term that I use to describe almost everybody. My definition of the word is very generic - not a one size fits all, but rather something like 'available in all sizes' :) It's a way of recognizing that everybody has his or her own faults. It hints more towards the comic elements of the human anatomy which reassuringly indicate the presence of the 'L' gene in everyone. It's a quality which enables people to make fun of themselves and thus gives a certain right to make fun of others as well (in keeping with the adage 'do to others as you would have yourself do to yourself' - ah , ok I know it reads differently in it's original format!). Anyways, the point is that to me it's a pretty endearing term.

The reason why I am talking about the definition and connotations of the L word here is because a lot of people see this word and it's meaning very differently. I read a very detailed description of losers and how they behave in relationships - quite depressing for those who would look at it seriously but quite funny in terms of the detailed analysis done in the portrayal of an incorrigible beast as it were! Hmm, anyways, to each his own but an interesting read none the less.

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