Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love, Tennis and Relationships

Have you ever romanced tennis? Might sound a bit strange but the fact is that terms used in Tennis have a lot of hidden meaning. Obviously you might need a little help in deciphering the code. That's where I step in!

Glossary of tennis terms are explained below with their meanings as per the Love Dictionary (LD):

Tennis: Love all (scoreline)
LD: The most fundamental rule

Tennis: Game
LD: Love is a game of hide and seek, of hunting, where the lover hunts his game

Tennis: Set
LD: A couple!

Tennis: Match
LD: Same as Set.

Talking of set reminds me of upset. A 'point' worth mentioning here is if there is an upset then there is basically no match as far as Love is concerned. However, in Tennis, first there has to be a match for us to know if there will be an upset. If there is no match, the spectators get upset for sure!

Tennis: Mens Singles, Womens Singles, Mens Doubles, Womens Doubles, Mixed Doubles
LD: Stags, (Man's dream!), Gay, Lesbian, 'Normal' couple

There are more but will leave you to discover them. Love is all about discovering (and seldom finding!).

Finally an ode to the umpire:

Tennis: Silence please!
LD: Say Nothing at all

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