Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kashinath leaves home early

Kashinath left home early today. He left a short while after 4 am.

Not that Kashinath is an early bird. In fact he enjoyed lazing till lunch was served but today was different.

When he was in school his mother used to pack for him quite a sumptuous lunch. There was enough oily stuff packed in his tiffin to feed the entire class but Kashinath would choose to consume all of it himself. He was quite possesive about things cooked by his mom....nah, actually he was quite possesive about anything cooked for that matter...he didn't enjoy uncooked stuff like fruits and vegetables mainly coz they didn't add to his calories and weren't spicy enough for his tongue to get drawn into saliva mode.

When he grew up, his wife took up the challenge and fed him till his belly touched the ceiling...he had to buy a table fan coz when he lied on his back there was imminent danger that his ponch would get sliced by the ceiling fan. Exercise was not his cup of tea...infact his cup of tea was laced with more than a cup of sugar and as such he used to have tea in a jug....otherwise the tea used to spill over when his wife added sugar.

Anyways, coming back to the point....Kashinath left home early today. He left at 4:07 am to be precise. As mentioned earlier, it wsn't that he was an early bird...circumstances forced him to leave early. He died of heart attack.

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