Monday, January 22, 2007

Racing against time

There is only one competitor that Time itself fears and that's a Loser. It would seem that time is in this amazingly irritating habit of competing with people....or maybe people start the race against time but either ways 99% of the time, Time wins. However, with a loser time doesn't ever stand a chance. Henry Ford had once said, “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.” Ford was right (the first part of the quote makes absolute sense, the second part about betterment is a bit immature though...he should have put a fullstop and stopped where he put a comma and continued) and this is precisely why Time fears the loser. A loser does not bother about time at all...he has all the time in the world. Most losers don't even care to wear watches unless they have taken a liking to some cheap roadside ticking object which says loudly "buy me u loser" and the loser falls for it. But as a general rule they don't wear watches. Time gets frustrated with them, waiting for the loser to get into competition mode but the loser is blissfully unaware of any such crap. As such Time is at a loss, it keeps ticking and in doing so loses time/itself. At this point in time, the race is over...time has lost but thankfully the loser hasn't won (winning would be a disgrace) u might be thinking if the loser didn't win then what did it do....well....ur missing the point....throughout this race the loser actually did nothing. Time started a race and time lost, period.

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  1. amazing stuff man ! its a looser masterpiece, think it should go in your book


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