Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rising to the occasion!

It's always confused me to think about rising to the occasion...we rise everyday and so does the sun etc. but not because of any occasion in particular. Infact I don't remember having ever risen to any occasion. I have, at times, risen to an alarm clock...but that too rarely. Atleast the alarm clock gives a loud signal urging me to rise but the occasions must be having a decibel problem coz i have never heard them playing the fool with my eardrums in order to signal an impending rise. It's pretty strange that some famous people ...or rather most famous people have at some point in their lives risen to the occasion. As I have already mentioned earlier, I have also risen to the alarm on some odd occasion but definitely that is not what they mean by the phrase coz most certainly I haven't come even a few hundred miles of being famous. But when I give it some profound thought I do feel that rising at some God-forsaken hour when the alarm chooses to go off is actually a very big acheivement and maybe the way to become famous is to make sure that someone watches you perform the feat. Since I wake up alone, there is no proof as to whether I woke up with the alarm or not. Maybe those clever people who got famous out of rising to the occasion didn't go to bed alone...they had someone or the other watching them....or maybe they were part of some reality show where a hundred cameras follow your every move. So if you manage to rise to the occasion invariably some camera catches you doing it and you become famous coz now you have proof. Man, it was so simple to get famous....I just need proof...hmmm...since no reality show channel is gonna invite me (here's the irony, u need to be famous to be called in one of the shows in the first place!), so I guess I need to go the conventional way and find someone who would be willing to sleep with me...err...for the sake of proof offcourse!

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  1. I bet you dun wanna be leavin proofs wen u go to bed wid someone!! (which is again just for a proof ;))


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